30 November 2013

Fours Head of the River

Junior 4x - 6th - Finn Lawton, Tom Asteriades, Zak Trigg, Alex Bain 

IM1.4x Northwich / Grange Composite - 13th - Scott Ozsanlav-Harris, Luke Ozsanlav-Harris, Leon Langmead, Harry Blake

IM2.4+ - 57th -Samuel Coverley, Chris Crawford, John Johnson, Adam Webster, Cox. James Morrison

23 November 2013

Head of the Soar

Northwich juniors had a successful trip to Loughborough as Northwich Rowing Club claimed 8 victories on the Soar, from 11 crews entered.

W IM3 4x - Samantha Over, Ashlene Hudson, Katie Meehan and Poppy Burgess

WJ15 4x - Hannah Cooney, Amelia Berry, Beth Wilford-Dutton, Imogen Martindale, Cox. Saffie Coppock

WJ16 4x - Libby Chaplin,Victoria Gardner,Harriet Anderson,Leila McGrorty, Cox. Saffron Coppock

WNov4 - Abbie Davies, Callie Bloodworth, India Trigg, Victoria Gardner, Cox. Emma Roberts

J15 2x - Greg Murphy, Rhys Coffey

J16 2x - Chris Malley, George Lawton

J15 1x - Greg Murphy

J16 4x+ - Matthew Roberts, Michael Lundy, Alexander Hine, Jack Koch, Cox.  Tom Swithenbank

19 November 2013

Northwich Autumn Head

Northwich record 11 wins on home waters on what was a successful day both on and off the water. A big thank-you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to make the event run so smoothly.

Detailed results from all divisions can be found HERE


Division 1:

J18A 1x - Finn Lawton

J17A 1x - Harry Blake

J16A 1x - George Lawton

Division 2:

J16A 2x - George Lawton and Chris Malley

Mas E 4+ - Steve Wignall, Simon Bannister, Doug Pickup, Nev Hand and Cox. Sophie Crooks.

W J15A 4x+ Imogen Martingale, Beth Wilford-Dutton, Amelia Berry, Hannah Cooney and Cox. Sophie Crooks.

Division 3:

J18A 4x - Northwich / Grange School Composite - Leon Langmead and  Harry Blake

The J18A 4x was also the fastest crew of the day and was awarded the Tim Hooper Trophy.

J15A 4x+ - 

Mas C 2x - Andy Malins and Simon Crouchley

W Mas D 4x - Grosvener / Northwich / Runcorn composite - Claire Briegal

W J15A 2x - Hannah Cooney and Amelia Berry

04 November 2013

Dee Autumn Head

Northwich Rowing Club have had another successful weekend, battling the hash conditions of the river Dee to win 10 races from 22 entries at the Dee Autumn Head.

Division 1 Winners:

W Elite 1x - Lucy Burgess

J18 4x - Finn Lawton, Tom Asteriades, Zak Trigg and Harry Blake

J16 4x - Matt Roberts, Michael Lundy, Alex Hine and Jack Koch

Masters F 8+ - Mike Francis, Bernie Meegan, Andrew Simpson, Doug Pickup, Tom Kilkenny, Simon Bannister, Steve Wignall, Nev Hand and Cox. Sophie Crooks

Division 2 Winners:

J16 2x - Chris Malley and George Lawton

J18 1x - Alex Bain

Masters B 2x - Simon Crouchley and Andy Malins

J18 2x - Fin Lawton and Tom Asteriades

W Nov 8+ - Leila McGrorty, Libby Chapman, Poppy Howe, Victoria Gardner, Callie Bloodworth, India Trigg, Abigail Davies, Emma Roberts and Cox. Harriet Anderson

J15 1x Greg Murphy