26 March 2013

Dayinsure.com help NRC get to race events

Getting Insurance cover to pull our boat trailer to race venues

A prerequisite to any race event is getting the boat trailer to the Regatta or Head venue. This is straight forward when a suitable towing vehicle is owned by a club member who will be driving to the event. They will have annual insurance cover for the vehicle including pulling the trailer, subject to weight restrictions. The problem arises where the club needs to borrow a vehicle to tow the trailer or add an additional driver to club members car to help with long distance driving. At Northwich rowing Club we have used dayinsure to buy a day or a few days cover for another car to tow the trailer or to add a driver to share the drive. Recently this has worked very well for us and enabled the use of borrowed a vehicle to get our large boat trailer complete with our Eights to venues such as Dorney Lake, Thames (London) and the Boston Marathon when our normal towing vehicle was not available.

21 March 2013

Harry Blakes 1st GB Trial !

On the weekend of  the 23rd February Harry Blake took part in the J16 long distance GB trials in Boston.
Harry came 15th in his single scull on the Saturday and teamed up with Scott Ozsanlav-Harris from Grange School in a double scull to get within 5 seconds of the unbeaten Marlow double to finish 2nd on the Sunday.
This was Harry's first taste of GB trials and we hope the first of many more to come.

Well done Harry!

19 March 2013

North of England Head at Chester on Saturday 16th March

Royal Chester Rowing Club hosted the North of England Head  - a 5km race on River Dee.

Northwich had 3 wins on the day as follows:

J17.4x- from bow: Harry Blake, Zac Trig, Tom Asteriades, Finn Lawton
                               Another fabulous win from our top scullers!

Mens Vet F 8+
from bow:  Ian Silk, Bernie Megan, Mike Francis, John Dutton, Andy Simpson,  Simon Bannister, Tom Kilkenny, Neville Hand, Cox - Sophie Crook

It was a great win for the vet men - they overtook 4 boats on their way to victory!

Womens Masters C 8+
From bow: Claire Holt, Claire Briegal, Claire Miller, Claire Webster, Carol Riddell, Carolyn McRitchie, Elaine Hemsted, Mel Benson,  Cox - Jonty Moore

The J15 boys 4x+ came 2nd to The Grange School.
The J14 boys 4x+ came 2nd to Kings Chester.

18 March 2013

Junior Sculling Head at Dorney Lake Eton Friday 8th March 2013

On a very wet and rainy day  4  Northwich Rowing Club Junior crews took to the water at Dorney
to race against some of the best rowing  clubs and schools in the country.

Our top Junior scullers J17.4x- came 3rd  only 3 Seconds behind  the winners Newark rowing club and 2nd place Westminster School boat club. This was a fantastic result and congratulations to them.

From bow: Harry Blake, Zac Trig, Tom Asteriades, Finn Lawton

The J15.8x+ came 5th in their division and the WJ15.8x+ also came 5th in their division.

The J14.4x+ came 4th out of 36 boats!  They were beaten into 4th place by Henley Rowing Club.

The J14.4x+ closest rivals (in the North West) Trentham Boat Club won the gold medal so our J14's will be training hard to beat them at their next meeting which could be the Northwich Spring Head!

On Saturday 9th march the Northwich Womens IM3.8 +  took part in the Womens Head of River on the Thames.They were spared the rain and overtook a few boats to finish a very respectable 147th .
Well Done girls!

Ashlene Hudson ,Sammy Over, Katie Meehan, Beth Chaplin, Tory Scott, Daisy Dell, Lucy Woods,
Geogia Hogg.  Cox - Libby Weltman.

07 March 2013

Head of Trent Sunday3rd March

Our Junior boys had more wins to celebrate on the Trent this weekend!

The J14 4x+ -  won in  13m 29 sec -  12 seconds ahead of their rivals York City

Congratulations to : George Crouchley,Lawrence Williams, Greg Murphy, Thomas Porter

                               Cox - Tom Swithenbank

The J154x+ - won in 13m 17sec -  4 seconds ahead of Nottingham R.C.

Congratulations to : Chris Malley,Alex Hine, Mike Lundy , Jack Koch

                                 Cox - Jack Hudson

The winning crews!
Out of a large field  of  WIM3 8+  the Northwich girls came 9th.

The WJ154x+ crews came 3rd and 5th in their class.

03 March 2013

Trafford Head Saturday 23rd February

7 Wins for Northwich!

We had a great day at the Trafford Head with 7 Northwich crews winning medals.

J14 single - Greg Murphy

J15 single - Matthew Roberts

J14 double - Lawrence Williams and George Crouchley

J14 Quad - George Crouchley, Lawrence Williams, Greg Murphy, Thomas Porter
                   Cox - Tom Swithenbank

J15 Quad - Chris Malley, Alex Hine, Mike Lundy , Jack Koch
                   Cox - Jack Hudson

J17 double - Tom Asteriades and Zac Trig

IM2 x 2 - Liam Adamson and Alex Murphy

Congratulations to all winning crews.

                                          J154x+ winning crew with their coach Barrie Blake.